The museum as a marriage facility



Getting married on the oldest wedding location in Maassluis? Yes, you can. In the former town hall of the town of Maassluis, where the National Towage Museum is situated nowadays!


Since May 2007 The National Towage Museum is used as one of the by the Council permitted wedding locations in Maassluis. Thus, the former wedding hall of the old town hall of Maassluis is reestablished in its original function! The former town hall is a beautiful historic building full of nostalgic atmosphere where the Council used to assemble and the burgomaster had his office till 1966.


Since 1979 the National Towage Museum Sleepvaart Museum is established in the late town hall of Maassluis (built during the period 1675-1676). We gladly offer future married couples the opportunity to have their marriage contracted on this beautiful location. Included is the tolling of the original town bell in the turret on the roof! At request it is possible to broadcast the wedding ceremony live on internet using a CCTV HD camera (720p, audio included) from a fixed position.


So, have a taste of your wedding day of the historic atmosphere of Maassluis.


Photogenic entrance: A photograph of the arrival with your family is a musthave in your photo album. In de close historic vicinity of the towage museum you can find many ideal spots to take pictures of your marriage tour.


This unique wedding hall has a capacity of 30 seats and gives room to a maximum of 45 visitors in total.


However, you should bear in mind that - although very beautiful and pittoresque - the historic staircase makes the building difficult accessible for persons with handicapped legs. In the interior of the museum there are also a number of staircased levels.


We can imagine that you are interested. In that case, please contact the DMV of Maassluis.