Surrounding area of the museum

What is to be seen in Maassluis and what are the sight-seeings in the close vicinity of the National Towage Museum?


The Museum of the Town of Maassluis: it is only a mere 100 yards walk from the National Towage Museum to the so called Museum Maassluis. This institute not only possesses a cultural and historic collection of things and pictures from Maassluis, but there is also a permanent fine exibition of figurative art. When you are interested, please search on ther internet for:


The Museum Vlaardingen presents the history of the North Sea fisheries and the community of the town of Vlaardingen, 4 miles from Maassluis. Please contact:


When you pay a visit to the Great Church of Maassluis you will be under the impression of the atmosphere of the past 4 centuries and admire the famous and beautiful (in sight and sound) Garrels orgel dated from 1730. More information:


Also very near the towage museum you find the old harbour. In the inner and outer harbour you can visit historic tugs and a salvage vessel, such as the Bruinvisch, Elbe, Furie and Hudson.
Please contact:


When you take a walk through the old town centre of Maassluis, you will be surprised to experience so many interesting historical objects and beautiful perspectives.


If you like nature very much, you can also chose to take a (firm) tour by foot or bycicle through the "Vlietlanden". These are the marshes and canals between Maassluis and Delft, full of wildlife. Have a delightful crossing with the small ferryboat "de Kwakel" (only in the summer) to the Foppen Pool and the Bom Lake, where you can enjoy a cool drink or a tasteful meal on the sunny terrace of the old ferryman's house on the lake side.


For information about these and other sights, please contact or visit the tourist office (VVV) in the bycicle shop of Kortenhof Maassluis: