Permanent exhibition

GeelbandersThe permanent exhibition of tug models, curiosities and image material covers the history of Dutch towing in the most extensive way. Our museum also pays attention to towing related activities, such as rescue operations at sea, salvage, diving, working with floating cranes, the offshore business and heavy transport.


The museum is roughly divided in four sections.
At first there is the Sea Hall, where you can admire the deep sea towage activities and scene over the last 150 years.
The second towage branche is shown in the Harbour Hall: Here you will experience the towage scene in the Dutch harbours, assistance and mooring of seagoing ships, such as tankers, bulk carriers, ocean liners and freighters.
Specific for the Netherlands is the history of inland towage (and river pushing). The river Rhine bears the busiest traffic of the world. This activity and its history is presented in the Rhine and Inland towing Hall.
At last you will find the smaller Salvage Hall. This room contains a collection of historic salvage vessel models.
Each of these subjects is dominated by specific characteristics, ship designs, materials, photographs, videos and curiosities.


The National Towing Museum also means a lot to the elder generations of sailors; it brings so to speak their past to life again. And younger people will experience what their forefathers have managed in this heroic and peculiar shipping branche during the past 150 years.