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Model NOORDZEE illuminated

Noordzee verlichting opengewerkt modelThe open-work model of the former Smit seagoing tug NOORDZEE that is to be seen in the National Dutch Towage Museum has been equipped with an internal illumination system. The project started in 2012.


Due to the high current usage and the heat production of traditional filament lighting it was decided to use LED illumination. LED can easily be electronically controlled and varied in strength. During the year 2012 a total of 25 LED lights have been mounted in the model. Special tools had to be developed to make the small spaces within reach and to connect the LEDs to the cabling system. In most cabins and working spaces of the model LED has been fitted.Noordzee verlicht opengewerkt model
The complete LED system is connected to a switchboard and has been completed on August 5th 2014. About 65 metres of cabling has been installed in the NOORDZEE! By pressing the buttons on the switchboard the visitor will be able to enlighten the chosen locations in the model individually. It is also possible to activate all 25 LED's at the same time,  that will create a fairy-like view.


The complete story is published in the September 2014 Newsletter. This document is not (yet) translated in English. Please accept our excuses for this.

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Promotion video National Dutch Towage Museum

Filmploeg promotiefilm NSMRecently the board of the National Dutch Towage Museum has commissioned the media company Dubbelklik from Rotterdam to create and produce a promotion video about the museum and the staff. During the week beginning October 6th, 2014, after a period of intensive preparations by the workgroup, the recordings started. From Monday till Thursday the two ladies of the filmcrew of Dubbelklik are very busy to get the interwiews and presentations by board members and volunteers of the museum on tape. The results so far fully meet our expectations. After the recording sessions starts the cut-and-paste phase. This first try-out will be presented to the promotion film workgroup. The cooperation with Dubbelklik is highly positive, in Dutch we have a saying that "we have a click". As soon as we have the first results, these will be presented in the website. The final video will also figure on the website. The visitor of the website will then be able to start up the promotion film by clicking on the photo icon.


On photo: The film crew of Dubbelklik is recording the story of board member mr. Paul Alers in the sea hall of the National Dutch Towage Museum

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AMSTERDAM Wijsmuller

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In the National Towage Museum you find many artifacts and parts that are and have been used in the towage industry. Part of this collection is publicly exposed, others are stored in our depots on other locations.

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Map and halls

The space of the National Dutch Towage Museum has been furnished according to themes. The halls are called as follows: the Zeezaal (Sea hall) for long range ocean tugs; the Havenzaal (Harbour hall) for harbour- and coastal tugs; the Rivierzaal (River hall) for inland and river (Rhine) tugs; the Burgemeesterszaal (used to be the burgomaster's office) for meetings and films; the Trouwzaal (the wedding room) for temporary expositions; the Bergingszaal (Salvage hall) for salvage ships and equipment; the Trappenhuis (stairs shaft) for miscellaneous objects.

For your orientation please click on the links below to open the hall plan:

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