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Aquarel from Hans Breeman for KOTUG exhibition

The painting you see here is an aquarel from the hand of Hans Breeman. Hans is a maritime artist and also one of the 50 regular volunteers of the National Dutch Towage Museum in Maassluis.
The subject of this scene is related to the activities of KOTUG, one of the dominant towage companies in Rotterdam.
This aquarel shows the homecoming in the Rotterdam harbour on August 4th, 2008, after many years of absence of the old flagship of the famous Holland America Line, the ss. Rotterdam, towed from Hamburg by KOTUG tugboats.
Hans Breeman made this painting for the special occasion of the KOTUG exhibition in the National Dutch Towage Museum in Maassluis.
If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, please stop by to join this event from November 22nd 2014 till June 7th, 2015. The museum is open to the public from Tuesday till Sundays, opening hours from 13.30 till 16.30 h.
You will find the museum in the center of the town of Maassluis, address: Hoogstraat 1-3.
The website of Hans Breeman is www.hansbreeman.nl.



fs-systeemOne of the latest acquisitions of the Dutch National Towage Museum is the film system. By entering this program on the touchscreen the visitor himself can choose a video from the menu, by name or category, and watch it. At the moment our volunteers are still busy adding more films to the collection.

In 2013 the Dutch National Towage Museum put up a Visitor's Information System (BIS). This program allows the visitor to have a quick and yet complete electronic access to tugboat data. One can enter any ship to be informed about all her characteristics and it's course of life. In the so called Sea Hall the monitor is installed, on which one can easily consult the BIS database with data, photographs and videos of all ship models in the museum and more.

In time the BIS system will contain the data of every tugboat that is or has been active in Dutch waters and Dutch tugs navigating in foreign countries. A synopsis of the complete Dutch tugboat fleet.

Vrijwilligerswerk NL 390 224 c1At the Dutch National Towage Museum we only work with volunteers, so we pay no salaries. Nevertheless, like in every organization, we also require different skills for our activities. At times vacancies will occur, that need to be fulfilled.
There are three kinds of skills and experience that are required in the museum: people with thorough knowledge of the towing industry, now and in the past, people with specific generic skills, like IT, technical experience or craftsmanship, and people for household tasks, like cleaning and administration.


Currently the museum has vacancies for:


- a librarian
- enthousiastic towage professionals, for the function of attendant and for conducting guided tours
- an allround hands-on technician


Are you interested? Please contact us for an interview.


Dutch National Towage Museum's volunteers are an integral part of the Museum's daily operations. Their contributions enhance the visitor experience and help the Museum achieve its goals. Volunteers give their time and talent to many departments, including: Administration, Website, Finance, Public Relations, Informatica, Advancement, Archives, Lectures, Curatorial, Education, Exhibitions, Facilities Management, Film and Video, Interpretation, Library, the Maritime Art Gallery, Marketing and Communications, Membership, Photo Services, Publications, Ships Plans, Collection management, Museum Shop and Visitor Services (like the Visitor Information System BIS).


If you have time or talent you would like to share, we invite you to join us! Please contact our Office about volunteer opportunities.

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Nautical day Maassluis in May

As every year the National Dutch Towage Museum did her utmost to provide again for a succesful nautical day on May 20st 2017 in Maassluis. The supervision of this event is in the hands of the "Foundation Tugboat Harbour Maassluis." (SSM, in Dutch: Stichting Sleepboothaven Maassluis).
In May the traditional Nautical Day is being organized by the maritime foundations in Maassluis, united in the SSM.
On this day the visitor will enjoy a unique towing and tugboat scene. The old motor and steam tugboats as well as modern ones can be seen and visited and one can join a river tour on a number of these boats, the VOLHARDING, FURIE, ELBE and DOCKYARD. For a few euros per person you can join these tours. More than 400 tickets are available, that can be obtained at the National Dutch Towage  Museum. Unfortunately however, all tickets are already sold by now.
beurtvaart jansjeAlso there are nautical activities for children of all ages.
In the afternoon, at about 16.30 h., there will be a large parade of all kinds of tugs. big and small, old and modern.
In any case, it will be a day that is not to be missed by the real maritime and tug lover!

maassluis vlootschouwouw 354a

Last Sunday, September 6th the exhibition about the tug company Kotug Rotterdam came to an end, on September 20th a new exhibition will be opened for the next half year, about the history of the tug companies in Amsterdam and IJmuiden (the North Sea Canal area). The official announcement and details will be published shortly.


In the meantime, to memorize one more time, the story about Kotug was als follows:


On November 22nd, 2014 the National Dutch Towage Museum in Maassluis opened her doors to present her latest exhibition, that highlights the history, facts and innovations of the well known Dutch tugboat company Kotug (Sleepdienst Adriaan Kooren).


About the towage company Kotug in Rotterdam two very interesting stories will be told.
In the first place the exhibition memorizes the rich history of the nowadays in Holland and abroad very famous company of the Kooren family, that stretches over more than a century.
But, last but not least, the museum also pays attention to the innovative role that Kotug plays worldwide, concerning revolutionary propulsion systems for tugboats.


024a  RT EvolutionThe National Dutch Towage Museum has succeeded in creating a splendid exposition, in which both stories are woven into a thorough image of this new "Dutch Glory". The name of the exhibition is - very appropriate - "With four generations of the Kooren family from steam to hybrid".


The visitor will be led into the world of Kotug by videos, many beautiful and unique large scale photographs, documents and impressive tug models.
The exhibition guide book also contains a visualized and detailed explanation of the propulsion systems of the tugboats of Kotug, like the Z-peller, Voith-Schneider, Stern Drive en Rotortug®.


027   z-drive-azimuth-thruster4The story begins in 1911 when Antonie Kooren bought his first steam tugboat and named her "Mathilda", after his wife's name. 90 ships more were to follow in the century thereafter, some in charter, but most of them in ownership. And until today, as a tradition, the first names of Kooren family members appear on the bow of a number of tugs.


From the beginning the Kooren tugboats were marked by the black funnel and the K in white over it. An ideogram that was leading for many years for the tugboats of the Kooren family.


In de first decades of their existence the Kooren tugboats were mainly occupied in the dredging industry on the Dutch rivers and in the harbours.


In 1962 Kooren employed the first seagoing tugboat, the MARIUS of 510 hp. This was the start of the coastal and sea towage activities of the company.


On January 1st 1988 Kooren initiated her harbour towing services in the Rotterdam area. For that purpose Kotug made an investment in six modern powerful Z-peller tugboats, that were bought from a shipyard in the U.S.A., named after famous American whine districts. Since then the hull of all tugs of Kotug is painted in the characteristic striking red colour, the funnel being blue with the white K. From this moment also the hegemony of the existing Smit towage company in Rotterdam was broken.


025a   kolink1From the year 1995 Kotug expanded her activities more and more abroad, and nowadays offers towing services in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven, London, Kameroen, Brunei and Australia.


Kotug is also worldwide known for her pioneer position in the field of developing revolutionary effective and efficient propulsion systems for tugboats.
The patented Rotortug® is a tugboat type that has been developed by Kotug. Characteristic are the three 3 Azimuth rudder propellers (each of them able to make a 360 degrees turn), two next to each other under the forepart of the ship and one aft in the middle, for optimal maneuverability.
Kotug also designed an improved diesel-electric (hybrid) tugboat. The term "hybrid" applies to the propulsion system, being a very energy-low combination of diesel engines, electro-engines and batteries.
De patented towing ring, the so called Ko-LINK, is another Kotug invention that provides an extra connection between the hawser and the forerunner, that diminishes wearing and breakage of expensive towing cables.


031   RT Spirit RDAM HAKLOuwIn 2014 Kotug director Ard-Jan Kooren was honoured with the prestigious King William I award, a prize for entrepreneurs who show boldness, ambition, perseverance, durability and innovative power. Earlier, in 2013, he was decorated with the reward "Rotterdam harbour man of the year 2012", a title that his father before him was assigned to in 1999.


Nowadays Kotug is also known for a number of prestigious projects, many of them carried out under massive public interest. We mention the towage of large objects like bridge parts for the new Botlek Bridge in Rotterdam and tunnel parts for the Amsterdam second Coen tunnel. Kotug also towed the old "Rotterdam", former flagship of the Holland America Line, from Hamburg to Rotterdam, where it can be visited nowadays. The other day Kotug rendered assistance to the docking of the largest cruiseship in the world, the "Oasis of the Seas".
030   1953 materials for Deltawerken033   BOTLEKBRUG II 26-9 WHOLTKAMP 9
From Saturday November 22th the exposition will be open to the public. More information comes available on this website soon.

knowledge centerIn the National Dutch Towage Museum a respectable quantity of knowledge about the Dutch towage industry has been assembled and recorded, now and in the past. This knowledge is disclosed in a number of collections and applications, that are available for the visitors and the volunteers of the museum. The most important you will find in this menu.

Apart from the digital information systems the National Dutch Towage Museum is in the possession of a big number of ship models, objects, books, magazines, paper clippings, photographs, technical schemes, and so on.

In the museum, by telephone or by mail from this website, the visitor can ask for specific information about ships, their career, voyages/projects and crew. On the basis of our extensive documentation we will often be able to help you to find out more about ships, and for instance also about family members or friends, who were on board of Dutch tugboats.

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