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Exhibition: Artist's Impressions of Towage

Sunday September 18th is the last day of the exhibition "MEESLEPENDE EXPRESSIES" (Artist's impressions of towage) in the National Dutch Towage Museum in Maassluis. The show has been a success until now and has seen many an interested visitor. A number of exposed art works have been sold, and some others are still for sale.


From Saturday September 24 a new exposition opens, titled "Tugboat FURIE 100 years", about the life and times of this famous ship, that plays a central role in the moving story "Dutch Glory" of author Jan de Hartog and in the film about that story. The FURIE has its berth in Maassluis.


The Dutch National Towage Museum takes a different tack from the 14th of May with this new exhibition. Renowned Dutch maritime painters, together with students from the Art and Culture Academy in Maassluis, present a fascinating insight into the rich world of Dutch towage. Due to the large number of works on display, the exhibition space has on this occasion been extended to include the historic ocean going tug "Hudson" (1939). (The tug "Hudson" left Holland just prior to the outbreak of World War II and returned 66 months later.) This exhibition marks the realisation of a long held desire for the National Towage Museum. Where previous exhibitions often presented the tug in a technical or historical light, the impression of towage in this new exhibition takes a different tack. The elegant and powerful tugs, together with the mark left by the towage industry on the local community of Maassluis, have formed the main inspiration for the artists. Works are on display by Fred Boom, Hans Breeman, Willem Eerland, Ron de Jong-Beekhuijsen, Robert Murk, Ronald van Rikxvoort and Lenie Simons Molenwijk. The works by members of the Art and Culture Academy Maassluis are centred around four themes: 'Tugs by night' (large acrylic paintings), 'Tugs in action' (water colours), 'Water' (sculptures and ceramics) and 'a Seaman's life' (acrylic on wood panel). The inspiration for this last theme was the Dutch television epic 'Hollands Glorie'. "Impressions of Towage" includes a diverse collection of dynamic works and objects providing a fascinating picture of how artists from Maassluis and elsewhere view the Dutch Towing industry. The exhibition will be opened on Saturday May 14th, 2016 at 11:00 o'clock on board the tug "Hudson". "Impressions of Towage" ("Meeslepende Expressies" in Dutch) can be seen from May 14th to September 18th 2016 in the National Towage Museum and tug "Hudson". The Hudson" is moored next to the National Towage Museum, Hoogstraat 1, Maassluis. For the actual opening hours please see: www.nationaalsleepvaartmuseum.nl and www.museumschiphudson.com. For further information on this exhibition or the National Towage Museum, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , +31 (0)10 5912474 or Maarten Helwig, +31 (0)6 33008733, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Annemieke Lub-Lucieer, +31 (06) 51561770, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Art and Culture Academy Maassluis).
(Press Release National Towage Museum)


Period: May 14th till September 18th 2016.
Opening hours museum: Tuesday till Sunday from 13.30 till 16.30 h. (in July and August: Monday till Sunday from 12.00 h.).
Opening hours tug HUDSON: Wednesday and Saturday from 14.00 till 17.00 h.
Part of the exhibition is located on the near-by museum tugboat HUDSON. On both locations a modest entrance fee has to be paid. This allows the visitor full admittance to both locations.

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History of Rhine towage Vulcaan company

Special Rijn(sleep)vaart VulcaanThe Dutch Society of Inland Shipping (VERENIGING DE BINNENVAART)  comes with a special edition about the VULCAAN Rhine shipping company.

"Who could ever have foreseen this? On January 1, 1968 the merger took place of the two largest competitors from the SHV and Thyssen concerns, N.R.V. (Dutch shipping society) and Vulcaan, who imitated each other so often in introducing new ships and organisation concepts". This sentence was written by Jan van 't Verlaat in a remarkable edition of the magazine of the (Dutch) Inland shipping society (Vereniging ‘De Binnenvaart'), fully dedicated to Vulcaan Shipping. This book, a special about N.V. Handels- en Transportmaatschappij Vulcaan", is part of a series by The Binnenvaart Society, "The History of Inland Shipping"

It was a painstaking job for the Society to have this book written and completed. For a long time already it was a wish of the Society to have a special composed about the Vulcaan. A barrier was that there has been preserved few archive material about this company. Bu at last the Society has succeeded in making this publication, said the Society in a press release. The magazine has 72 pages showing more than 100 images, some of them have never been published yet. It contains interwiews with members of the Binnenvaart Society about their memories from the times they were navigating on the ships of the Vulcaan Company. Also the pioneers of the Pushboats and Rhine gas tankers are mentioned and depicted in the magazine, that is completed with a fleet list. Towage is the central subject, also because this is the main theme of the Society in 2016. In Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 20 kilometers from Rotterdam, has been organised an exposition in the Centre of Inland Shipping: This is situated on the large Rhinepushboat René Siegfried, berthed in the river Wantij on the Maasstraat (Meuse Street) in Dordrecht. This exposition is open on Thursdays and every first Saturday of the month, between 10 and 15 hrs.). There the Vulcaan-edition is also fot sale, for a price of € 7,50. You can also order the booklet via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post address P.O.B. (Postbus) 24066, 3007 DB Rotterdam. Postage cost will be added then.





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Iskes tug TELSTAR on trials

On Thursday 18th August 2016 the new building Eddy design 24/75 tug TELSTAR from the Holland Shipyard was seen passing underway to the Rotterdam Europort for her technical trails, speed and bollard pull tests. The tug named TELSTAR was built for Iskes Towage and Salvage. The TELSTAR is named after a local soccer club in IJmuiden. The TELSTAR has 2 thrusters. It is remarkable that both thrusters are mounted in alignment under the fuselage - one under the prow and one under the stern. As a result, the Telstar has extensive maneuvering options. Another unique feature of the Telstar is that it is a hybrid tugboat. A combination of diesel direct and diesel electric propulsion ensures that it will consume less fuel. This also contributes to reduced CO2 emissions. On Saturday 30 July 2016 yard number 2015-27 from Holland Shipyard at Hardinxveld-Giessendam was launched by the sheerleg MATADOR.
TELSTAR 2016 Iskes foto Arie Boer4The Eddy 24-75 Hybrid Harbour Tug designed tug TELSTAR (Imo 9796066) is the smaller type of the Eddy-1 (Efficient Dynamic Double Ended). It is expected that the tug reached a bollard pull of 75 tons developed by two Mitsubishi main engines S16R2 with 1450 kW each and two permanent magnet electric drives. Veth Propulsion supplied the two VZ 1800 thrusters with 2,350 kW each, two Scania DI16-090M generators with 640 kW each and a SiSu 49 CTAG with 89 kW as harbour set. The Eddy design is a new concept with a slender hull form and thrusters in the centre for high stability and fuel efficiency. She has a length o.a. of 25.45 mtrs a length lpp of 23.57 mtrs a beam of o.a. of 12.20 mtrs a moulded beam of 11.40 mtrs and an operational draught of approx.. 5.05 mtrs. Her maximum free sailing speed will be 12.5 knots and 9.5 knots in the Hybrid mode. The vessel is classed BV1 +Hull, +Mach, AUT-UMS. She is the second vessel of this Eddy type built by the Holland Shipyard. In the next months the tug will be outfitted by the yard.
(source: Towingline. Photos: Arie Boer)

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Three Damen hybrid tugs for Dutch Navy

In an official handover ceremony at the Den Helder Naval Base, the Royal Netherlands Navy took formal delivery of three Damen ASD 2810 Hybrid tugs. In addition to providing an increase in ship handling capacity, the new vessels are also installed with hybrid propulsion systems. This will contribute to Dutch Ministry of Defence ambitions regarding sustainable operations of the Navy.


The acquisition of the three Damen tugs is part of the Royal Netherlands Navy’s ongoing fleet renewal programme. The hybrid vessels, named Noordzee, Waddenzee and Zuiderzee, can sail under diesel-direct, diesel-electric or fully-electric power.


Zero emissions
This will result in a significant increase in fuel efficiency and reduction of exhaust emissions. For example, when sailing in fully-electric mode – possible for up to one hour at a speed of 4 knots – the vessels will have zero emissions.
This is highly relevant to the Ministry of Defence Operational Energy Strategy. Recently presented to the Dutch government, this concerns future emissions targets and dependence on diesel as a principle fuel.
New generation of tug
When sailing under diesel power, the Damen ASD 2810 Hybrid can store any electrical energy that is not immediately used in its battery pack. This can subsequently be used to sustain vessel operating systems or for use in electric sailing mode.

In addition to their hybrid capabilities, the new tugs are also more powerful than the vessels that they are replacing. The Damen ASD 2810 Hybrid packs a 60-tonne bollard pull: considerably more than the 22-tonne bollard pull of the ongoing Linge-class of tug.
This increase in bollard pull will support safe and efficient ship handling operations of the largest vessels of the Royal Netherlands Navy fleet, such as HNLMS Johan de Witt, HNLMS Rotterdam and the 204-metre long Joint Support Ship HNLMS Karel Doorman in all weather conditions.
Now that the tugs are in active service, Damen Shipyards Den Helder will perform an ongoing maintenance programme of all three vessels. This is a notable fact because this task is normally undertaken by the Royal Netherlands Navy itself. This is the first time that Damen has been called upon for ongoing maintenance works for the Dutch Navy for an extended period.
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In Memorial Ary Lels

While being on holiday I received the sad message that Mr. Ary M. Lels passed away at the age of 90 years.  A couple of years ago in several maritime magazines I had the honour of publicing articles about the life and visions of Mr. Lels. On several occasions I met him, although it was long after his active career as a director of L. Smit & Co’s Internationale Sleepdienst and later on of the Holland America Line. After his retirement he kept on following the developments in every field of the maritime market. He started his career as a trainee for L. Smit & Co at Rotterdam. One of his first jobs was to assist the management of the company during the clearance of the Suez Canal in 1956/57. Mind, in those years he was only 30 years of age. On board of the tug Noordzee of Smit he had a long conversation with the captain on the upcoming oil-industry in the Persian and Mexican Gulf. He realized that no doubt  oilcompanies would be interested in the oil and gas stocks under the North Sea, that were still in the process of being discovered. When he visited the Mexican Gulf region some months later, he noticed that the first suppliers for drilling platforms were active there, however these ships were not suitable at all for the sometimes rough weather in the North Sea.  He presented his ideas for a company with Dutch suppliers to the management of Smit and of the Rotterdam Lloyd. They were prepared to finance the first Smit-Lloyd suppliers. As we all know the developments went fast and SmitLloyd  became an tremendous success. A second  idea of Mr. Lels was establishing a company for heavy transport at sea. His friend mr. B.van der Laan already started such a business on a modest scale. As the management of Smit was not ready at that time to explore the possibilities of the new ideas of Mr. Lels, he turned to the Holland America Line  and found ways to establish together with business partners Big Lift in 1972.  The life and the ideas of Mr. Lels has been extensively written by himself in his recent book  “Man van de waterkant” of which I received a copy from him personally in the National Towage Museum at Maassluis just a few weeks ago. Mr. Lels had a warm heart for the museum and other institutions for maritime history. It’s a  great loss  for the maritime world  that Mr. Lels has passed away.  
Nico J.Ouwehand (National Dutch Towage Museum, Maassluis, Holland)

Coastal Shipping Publications issued their latest tugs album. This latest Tugs pictorial album Volume 2, documents some of the smaller tugs that used to be seen in Bristol City Docks plus some of the rarer and larger tugs that have paid only one or two visits to the port in recent years. Each photograph is accompanied by an informative caption. The book is a 235 x 155 mm softback edition 64 pages in full colour ISBN 9781902953700. The price is £9.95 and can be ordered  on the link:



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Publication Date9 May 2016
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Sailing Day Maassluis

Saturday, 21th May 2016, the traditional sailing day in Maassluis took place, as every two years by the end of May. The event had been organized by the Towage harbour Maassluis Foundation (Stichting Sleepboothaven Maassluis). ‘Sailing day’ means that any person interested in towage can buy a ticket to do a harbourtrip in the neighbourhood of Maassluis on one of the museumtugs and salvagevessels that usually can be found in our local port, viz. Furie (1916), Elbe (1959) and the salvagevessel Bruinvisch (1937). Also proudly sailing were the small tug Maassluis (1948) as well as Adriaan (1957). Hudson (1938), this time in the outer harbour, was open for visitors. Most welcome guests were Albatros (1959 –ex Bugsier 24) and Baloe (2006 – Herman Sr. B.V.) which performed two great demonstrations. Also Thamesbank, Texelbank and SD Jacoba showed their impressive possibilities. During the festivities Joli L of Landfall passed Maassluis on her way to sea. Mind that Albatros, in the past owned by Jan Kooren Towage,  has now homeport London on her stern. It’s the intention of the foundation to organize next year again a ‘Day of the seagoing Towage Industry’ (Dag van de Zeesleepvaart) during which tugs and suppliers of any owner (also from  foreign countries that happen to be in the Rijnmond region) will be welcome.
(Source: Nico Ouwehand, taken from Tugs, Towing and Offshore Newsletter)

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Two Dutch naval tugs out of service

The former Dutch naval tugs A 874 Linge and A 875 Regge are moored at Damen Shipyards Den Helder. The tugs are decommissioned and will be prepared for delivery to their new owner MTS Marine & Towage Services. The tugs are replaced by the brand-new naval tugs A 871 Noordzee and A 872 Waddenzee, both of the type Damen ASD Tug 2810 Hybrid.
(Source Paul Schaap, via Tugs, Towing & Offshore Newsletter  ) 

The Dutch-based shipping company, Vroon, has announced the launch of its new AHTS vessel, the VOS Character. Vroon announced via social media that the launch took place last Thursday, May 12, at the Fujian Southeast Shipyard in Fuzhou, China. VOS Character is a 65 meters long, 6,500 horsepower, DP-2, anchor-handling tug supply vessel and the fourth in a series of such vessels being built at the shipyard for Vroon. The VOS Champion, VOS Chance and VOS Challenge are the remaining three newbuilds for 2016 while the VOS Charisma and VOS Charm are expected in 2017. The company also said that the vessel was scheduled for delivery later this year and would be managed by Vroon Offshore Services.
(Source: Offshore Energy Today, taken from Tugs & Towing Newsletter)

The first of Damen’s new Shoalbuster 3512 class was recently handed over to Dutch marine services specialist Van Wijngaarden Marine Services B.V. in the port of Boven-Hardinxveld, the Netherlands. At the ceremony the Lady Sponsor Mrs. Elske de Bruijn-de Vries officially named the vessel and made a widely-appreciated speech praising the technical capabilities of the vessel. Mrs. Elske de Bruijn-de Vries is the wife of Mr. C.A. (Niels) de Bruijn, a member of the executive board of Van Oord, and is well-known for her role in the TV show ‘Het mooiste meisje van de klas’. At 35 metres in length the 3512 is the largest Shoalbuster built to date, yet with a draught of just 2.9 metres it has unrivalled shallow waters capability. Work began on designing the vessel at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld in February 2015, with the objective of delivering a multi-purpose workboat capable of undertaking a wide range of roles including towing, mooring, pushing, anchor handling, dredge support, supplying and other support roles. The Damen Shoalbuster range is well known for being exceptionally versatile, capable of handling tasks ranging from short and long distance towing to support for offshore projects such as the construction and maintenance of windfarms. The 3512, with a bollard pull of 56 tonnes, a deck area totalling 145 m²; enough space for seven 20 foot and two 10 foot containers, and an 11.3 tonnes @ 16.5 m deck crane, extends that reputation even further. The Noordstroom is the fifth Damen vessel to join the 14-strong Van Wijngaarden fleet. The first was a second-hand Damen Pushy Cat 42 bought over forty years ago and which is still in active service today. That was followed by three Shoalbusters; one 2609S and two of the 3009 class, and they, along with the other vessels in the fleet, are deployed all over the world. As an illustration of just how flexible the Noordstroom is, as well as her regular equipment she can be fitted with a range of auxiliary modules when needed, including a 50-tonne A-frame with a plough for seabed levelling, a four-point mooring system, an ROV platform and a diving operations platform. The Noordstroom is equipped with tanks capable of storing 255 m³ of fuel oil and 43 m³ of fresh water. Other features include a fresh water maker, a sewage treatment plant and a moonpool (Netto: 700 x 600 mm). The propulsion system of the Noordstroom is powered by three 970 kW Caterpillar C32 ACERT 4-stroke diesel marine engines delivering a total of 2,910 bkW at 1,800rpm. The middle engine is configured with a generator to supply electrical power to the hydraulic deck gear including the crane and winch, as well as the bow thruster. Each engine also has a Reintjes reverse reduction gearbox with built-in hydraulicallyoperated clutch, and drives a Promarin fixed pitch propeller in a Van der Giessen Optima Nozzle. There is also a 300 bhp electrically-driven bow thruster. The two Caterpillar C7.1 main generators on board the vessel generate 187.5 kVA of power each. In addition, one 600 EkW emergency power generator coupled to the centre C32 main engine has been fitted. Other auxiliary equipment include transfer pumps for freshwater and fuel oil, a Westfalia OTC-2 fuel oil separator, and an electricallydriven hydraulic set with two E-motors of 110 kW and 52 kW respectively. The navigation and communication equipment on-board the Noordstroom is tailored to the requirements of global trade. The Noordstroom accommodation provides heated and air-conditioned living spaces, including a captain's cabin, two single crew cabins, four double crew cabins, a galley, a mess, and sanitary facilities. There is even an office for the client, complete with V-SAT connection. The facilities comply with ILO2006 rules, and can take up to 11 persons.  The Noordstroom is classed by Bureau Veritas: I # HULL •Mach, Tug Unrestricted navigation • AUT-UMS, with an Anchor Handling notation and sustainable practises onboard resulting in a ‘Clean Ship Notation’ conforming to the IMO’s ‘Green Passport’ regulations. Peter van Wijngaarden, Managing Director of Van Wijngaarden Marine Services, summed up the project. “The Noordstroom is a versatile, innovative, sustainable and very powerful work/tugboat, completely designed to meet the requirements of the current market.”
(Press Release Damen via Towing Line Newsletter)

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