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Necrology Mr. R.W. Scheffer (Smit)

by: Nico Ouwehand (National Dutch Towage Museum)


On Tuesday 9th February we received the message that Mr. R.W. (Rom) Scheffer passed away at the age of 85 years. During the sixties, seventies and eighties of last century Mr. Scheffer was a remarkable personality in the world of shipping. After his training to become an officer on board of ships, he sailed for some two years on freighters and passenger ships, i.e. for Van Nievelt Goudriaan and for KJCPL on Tjisadane.
Soon, it struck his masters that Rom Scheffer had quite some commercial qualities. At the age of 22 Mr. Scheffer decided to work ashore. He accepted jobs for foreign companies in South-Korea, the U.S., Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. A.o. he chartered ships for a mining company that exported ore from Malaysia to Japan. When the mines were more or less exhausted and mergers took place, he was looking for a new challenge.
His reputation was already well-known and he was recommended to Mr. A. Lels, the man who, at that time one of the directors of L. Smit & Co, laid a plan on the table to establish a shipping company for supplying drilling platforms in the North Sea. In 1964 at the age of 33 Mr. Scheffer became the first employee and the first director of Smit-Lloyd, the company that Mr. Lels had in mind.
rouwkaart mr schefferThanks to the energetic approach of Rom Scheffer the company became a renowned firm in the offshore world and oil-industry. Oil-production at sea was still in its infancy and Mr. Scheffer was a pioneer as far as supplying drilling platforms were concerned. The original plan was to have seven suppliers built, however for each ship there was already a contract concluded before even being commissioned. After only some years dozens of Smit-Lloyd suppliers were sailing the oceans. Subsidiaries were established in a.o. Australia, Greece and the U.S.
In 1976 some of the subsidiaries of L. Smit & Co's Internationale Sleepdienst, among which Smit-Lloyd merged. Still the Smit-Lloyd vessels kept on sailing under their own wellknown colours for quite some time. One year after the merge Rom Scheffer was asked to accept the job of CEO of Smit International as a whole. Although his heart was still with Smit-Lloyd he accepted this difficult task. For ten years he was the leading personality of this world wide well-known towage and offshore company. During that period of time he encountered many problems. Both the markets for towage as well as offshore activities decreased. Yet, thanks to his inventive, however difficult decisions Smit International survived.
By 1987 Mr. Scheffer had to decide to step down. His health caused him too much troubles and he was right when he stated: You can't do this job in a more quiet atmosphere. de smit lloyd storyStill after 1987 the maritime markets were facing difficult times. As a consequence in 1996 Smit-Lloyd was sold to the American Seacor company. That's certainly a fact that hurted Mr. Rom Scheffer. Although retired Mr. Scheffer kept on following the weal and woe of Smit International, the towage market as well as the situation in the offshore industry.
In 2006 he persuaded me to write the history of 'his' company, viz. the book "The Smit-Lloyd Story". An outstanding man in the maritime world passed away. He leaves his marks in the offshore history.


Maassluis, 13th February 2016

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Toy: LEGO tugboat

Set Details:


Set number: 4005
Name: Tug Boat
Set type: Normal
Theme group: Modern day
Theme: Boats
Year released: 1982
Tags: Floats On Water
Ship Pieces: 66
Minifigs: 1
RRP: $10.00 (?)
Price per piece:15.2c
Packaging: Box
Availability: Retail

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Toy: Green Toys tugboat

Product Description


Embark on a cruise across the bathtub. Navigate the wading pool. Even splash around in the occasional mud puddle. There's no end to the Good Green Fun young sailors can have with the Green Toys Tugboat. This colorful craft floats great, and has a wide spout to scoop and pour water. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, our trusty Tugboat is both good for the earth, and - most importantly - safe for the busy little folks who play there.


Manufactured in the USA Made from 100% recycled plastic No BPA, phthalates or PVC Meets FDA food contact standards Easy to clean and dishwasher safe Packaging made from recycled materials and printed with soy inks


Product Dimensions: 9" L x 5.25" W x 4.5" H
Product Weight: 0.44 lbs. - See more at:




Junior Design Awards - Highly Commended


Top 100 Newborn Essentials: Green Toys Tugboat


Fat Brain Toy Award


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Iskes Tugboats GINGER and BRENT in LEGO

Today, 14th December 2015, arrived at Iskes Towage and Salvage two new built LEGO(r) tug models at the scale 1 to 87: the GINGER (Imo 9507063) and BRENT (Imo 9507051). Master LEGO(r) shipbuilder Edwin Korstanje has created this two beauty's that are very detailed. The LEGO(r) ships are built with more than 2700 parts each. The original Ramparts 3200W sisters are built by Eregli Gemi Insa Sanayi ve Ticaret AS - Eregli Turkey and final outfitted by Gebr. Kooiman BV, Zwijndrecht; Netherlands. They were delivered to Ginger Tug BV and Brent Tug BV respectively and are being managed by Iskes Towing & Salvage BV, IJmuiden, Netherlands. They have a length of 33.10 mtrs, a beam of 13.60 mtrs and a depth of 5.40 mtrs. The two ABC 12VDZC-1000-166A diesel engines develope a total output of 5,300 kW (7,200 bhp) at 1000 rpm with a bollard pull of 80 tons.
(Source: Edwin Korstanje and Tugs Towing & Offshore News)ISKES GINGER 3 LEGO


In the National Dutch Towage Museum in Maassluis (The Netherlands) also a LEGO model of an Iskes tug is shown in the current exhibition about the history of towing in Amsterdam and IJmuiden: The BERNARDUS.
Type: Damen ASD Tug 2810 Hybrid. Commissioned October 23rd 2012. Launched 9 October 2013 by "Santierul Naval Damen Galati SA", Galatz (Romania). Finished in 2014 at "Damen Shipyards Group NV", Gorinchem, Netherlands (YN 512319).
Dimensions: 295 grt. L 28,67m, B 10,43m, Dr 4,80m and Dp 4,60 m. Fire-fighting equipment.
Propulsion: 2 Azimuth rudder propellers in nozzles (diesel-electric), powered by a 100 kWh battery and 2 Tier 2 MTU diesel engines type 16V4000M53, in total 4.935 bhp (3.680 kW) at 1.600 rpm, speed 13 knots, bollard pull 57 tons ahead and 53,5 tons astern.
IMG 1013Delivery: 16 may 2014 to "Bernardus Tug BV", management by "Iskestugs BV", IJmuiden, Netherlands. Registration: IMO 9668025, Dutch flag, homeport IJmuiden, callsign PCUW, MMSI  244820145.


(source: The Tugslist, Piet van Damme)





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New type Rotortug ART 10-15 training vessel

On November 4th 2015, the Dutch Shipyard Padmos Stellendam BV and Rotortug BV signed the newbuilding contract for the ART10-15 training Rotortug© at the Europort Exhibition. The 10 tons bollard pull tug, designed by Robert Allan Ltd from Vancouver, will be outfitted according to her "sister vessels" of the ART 80-32 Class (winner of the KVNR shipping award 2015) and will be used as a training vessel in addition to simulation training. She will be outfitted according to superior yacht quality and will at the same time serve as a representation – and display vessel to show the Rotortug principle to prospective Clients. History repeats, because Shipyard Padmos Stellendam BV, co-designed and outfitted the first Rotortug class for Ton Kooren and will now construct his ART10-15 Training Rotortug©. Particulars: LOA: 14.95 mtrs; LWL: 13.90 mtrs; Beam mld: 8.00 mtrs; Nav draft: 3.30 mtrs and a Bollard Pull: 10 tons.


source: Hans van der Ster / Towingline
signing contract rotortug ART 10-15

The latest newsletter of the National Towage Museum dated October 2015 is published!


You will find the newsletter in the News category in this website, from where you can download this document, and on Facebook. If you would like to receive the news bulletins directly on your personal mail account, please let us know on the mail page in this website in the Contact chapter.
The newsletter is published once per quarter, in January, April, July and October.
Note: the newsletter is published in the Dutch language only. If you are really interested in a particular item, please contact us and we will inform you more thoroughly.


This bulletin contains:


- preface from the chairman
- the strip story KAPPIE (a tugboat captain) by the late Dutch strip and story writer Marten Toonder once a week on facebook
- tugboat parade during the farewell ceremony for the retiring burgomaster of Maassluis Mr. Koos Karssen
- the importance of morse communication and the radio officer on board seagoing tugs in the past for aid, assistance and salvage at sea
- a report about the opening ceremony of the new exhibition in the Dutch National Towage Museum "Van IJ tot IJmond" about the history and recent status of towage companies in the North Sea Canal area (from Amsterdam to IJmuiden)
- the yearly donor's day: 40 visitors
- experiences of a museum's doorman
- the electronic tug boat visitor's information system of the museum updated
- Piet van Roon made a start in building a 1:150 scale model of the Japan newbuilding long range Dutch seagoing tug ALP STRIKER (25.000 bhp)
- a new object in the museum: a morse decoder: on a screen it is made visible now in normal language for the visitor the morse code he is sending with the morse key
- PR-activities: the museum now has a task force to tackle the important PR field and measures
- the website of the museum has seen a constant rising level of visits during the last 2 years
- from time to time the museum announces vacancies for volunteers with certain skills: this time we need an extra handyman (or woman)


Please press the blue button to download the newsletter.

On the occasion of the opening of a new exhibition in the National Towage Museum at Maassluis a large number of guests had gathered last Saturday in one of the halls of Shipyard De Haas in this town.

The chairman of the museum, Mr. Karel Kaffa, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Govert de Haas for setting spontaneously one of the shipbuilding halls of his yard at the disposal of the museum for the opening ceremony. The title of the exhibition is "Towage from IJ to the IJ-mouth". Mr. Kaffa memorized that the subject once again was a serious challenge to the compilers of the exhibition and the volunteers of the museum. Throughout the years more than 45 towage companies have owned tugs that were active around the North Sea Canal from IJmuiden to Amsterdam. The exhibition shows the visitors to the museum that towage has been of great importance for the development of the Dutch industry in general and of course also for the Amsterdam region.

The next speaker was Mr. Govert de Haas, managing director of the shipyard. He told the audience that his yard not only built and repaired tugs, but also patrol vessels for Rijkswaterstaat, pilot- and customsships as well as police patrolvessels. For him it was an honour to receive the guests of the museum being the first visitors to the new exhibition.

Mr. Cor Oudendijk, former harbourmaster of the port of Amsterdam and nowadays chairman of the Sea- and Harbourmuseum of IJmuiden, was invited to perform the actual openingceremony. First of all he went into the history of the North Sea Canal and its development. The various tugs that sailed on the canal illustrate perfectly the development of towage from the early paddle tugboats to the present compact and advanced bruisers operating in the canal and its locks. A few towage companies survived during the course of the years and new ones settled along the canal, illustrating the progress of the branch.

Mr. David van der Houwen, culture alderman of Maassluis and replacing at the same time the burgomaster of Maassluis (who was this morning very busy with preparations for the reception of some 300 Middle East refugees in the local sports hall) turned out to be very proud of the towage museum. It seemed to him that each exhibition was more impressive than its predecessor. He very properly observed that Maassluis is the towage town of the Netherlands.

The last speaker in the hall was Mr. Hans de Klerk. He agreed that indeed compiling this exhibition was quite a challenge. Everybody knows that there were, and still are, some towage companies along the North Sea Canal, however he was surprised by the large number. ( 47!) Not all companies could be remembered in this exhibition. That's why a choice was made to show the history of quite a number of contributing companies. An accompanying illustrated booklet of no less than 36 pages, written by Mr. J. van Haarlem, tells lots of particulars of a great number of towage companies in the Amsterdan and IJmuiden region. Mr. De Klerk also expressed his gratitude not only for the cooperation of the companies involved, but also for the important support of the Baggermuseum (Dredging Museum). The material that was used for dredging the canal in the early days is showed in pictures and shipmodels, placed at the disposal of the Maassluis museum by the Baggermuseum at Sliedrecht.

Of course Mr. Karel Kaffa handed over flowers to some of the ladies in the audience after which the guests took a five minutes' walk to the museum. In the entrance of the museum Mr. Cor Oudendijk was invited to ring the bell, after which the exhibition "From IJ to IJmond" officially was declared open. While having a festive drink quite a crowd took the time to watch the photos, curiosities and shipmodels. Some of the visitors congratulated the volunteers of the museum with their fine work to keep up the excellent reputation of the museum. Until 8th May next year visitors interested in the special subject of the North Sea Canal are more than welcome in Maassluis. No doubt they will also enjoy the towage atmosphere and the explanation of the history of Dutch towage in general in the other rooms of the museum.

(Translated by Nico Ouwehand; Photo's: National Dutch Towage Museum NSM)

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