The National Towage Museum has about 200 ship models at its disposal. Most of them are owned by the museum, and some are on long term loan from third parties. On special occasions, such as expositions, the museum can appeal to towing companies and to towage dedicated persons to make their models available for the museum on a temporary basis. Reserve collection (depot) Not all of the objects in our collection are on permanent display. Those objects not displayed are referred to as our 'reserve collection' and are mainly stored off-site. We recommend you call or email before you visit…
The National Towage Museum is in the possession of about 120.000 tug photos, many of them having a unique character. Almost daily this lot increases. Most of them have been obtained digitally or have been digitized afterwards. This moment a project has been set up to have all photos indexed in our digital system. It makes it a lot easier and quicker to locate and use the right photo.
The National Towage Museum possesses hundreds of films on the towage subject and other connected subjects, like the history of Maassluis. The videos can be started by the visitor himself using the Film System (FS). In this system you find a description of the videos, that helps you to make a choice which film you want to see. The command structure works via a touchscreen.
The National Towage Museum owns a large library containing a unique collection of maritime books, especially about the towing service. Part of this are the shipping indexes over many years, for instance Lloyd's. Often the origin of our books are open-handedness and inheritance. Being a visitor of the museum you are allowed to consult these documents. If you are in the possession of maritime books or documents, and you are considering to dispose of these, we would appreciate it very much if you would decide to donate them to the museum.A limited number of book titles are for sale. You…
Among the possessions of the National Towage Museum are several maritime magazines and publications, collected over a long period of time. In later years we obtained these papers and journals in digitized format. A project has been set up to have the older issues scanned and electronical stored as well, in order to make this information easily and quick accessable. We are able to offer most of the volumes of: - De Beting - Wijsmuller- Lekko- Schip en Werf- De Blauwe Wimpel- Scheepvaartniews- Lloyd's Registerand a number of other titles
When you visit the National Towage Museum, you might well notice the beautiful paintings and other artefacts in the halls of the building. Part of this collection is being exposed, a number of other paintings we have in depot. Associated with the museum is the in Holland well-known maritime painter Hans Breeman. On the photo you see one of his latest creations, the Dutch Shelltanker "Kryptos", built in 1955.
In the National Towage Museum you find many artifacts and parts that are and have been used in the towage industry. Part of this collection is publicly exposed, others are stored in our depots on other locations.
In the National Dutch Towage Museum the visitor can enjoy looking at more than 200 films about towage and the connected history of Maassluis. These videos are included in the museum's Film System (FS). The visitor of the museum can operate this system by himself, and start the film of his own choice to watch.
In the course of the years the Nationaal Sleepvaart Museum has built up a large possession of ship building plans regarding Dutch tug boats and salvage vessels. Copies can be obtained by contacting us via e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Just specify your request and we will contact you about the availability and the cost.