Webcam systems

In the National Dutch Towage Museum the visitor will be able to watch the recordings of a fixed and a controllable webcam. To be seen are the ships and the surroundings of the tugboat harbour of Maassluis. The HUDSON, FURIE, KRIMPEN, BRUINVISCH, MAASSLUIS, ADRIAAN, and in the distance the ELBE appear in view. There is no guarantee Adobe Flash will work. If you want to look at the webcams directly on this website, you may need to install Adobe Flash on your computer:
Android users can use the FlashFox browser in Google Play and choose for the harbour webcam with Adobe Flash. Please click on one of the following links for the moving webcam:

 AppleWindows   Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Microsoft Windows 10 (Edge): HarbourCam with HLS
WindowsAndroid    Older Windows and Android: HarbourCam with Flash

This webcam has been facilitated by ALPHATRON Marine B.V.

Another (fixed) webcam points in the direction of the Wip (street) of Maassluis. (temporarily out of order)