Promotional film National Towage Museum

Filmploeg promotiefilm NSMA promotion video has been created for the The National Dutch Towage Museum in Maassluis. You may watch the film in the museum, but it is also available on our Youtube channel. Furthermore the video can be watched on our Facebook-page. Please click on the left side of the facebook page. Have a look at this film and maybe it invites you to visit the museum one day. You are very welcome.
It is for some time now that the board of the National Dutch Towage Museum commissioned the media company  "Dubbelklik" in Rotterdam to create and produce a video about the museum and it's staff. After a preparation period the recording of the new promotion video started. The two ladies of the recording crew of Dubbelklik have been busy for some days to make many film shots of a number of presentations and interviews with board members and volunteers. The results fully met our expectations. The participants are very content with the collected material. Once the recording sessions were done, the "cut-and-paste" phase started. The first try-out was presented by Dubbelklik to the workgroup. After three sessions with the workgroup the film contents were approved. The collaboration with Dubbelklik is highly positive, you could say there really is a "click". The dialogues and spoken parts of the video are in the Dutch language.

On photo: The film crew of Dubbelklik is recording the story of board member mr. Paul Alers in the sea hall of the museum.

Please load the link below to start the film. You may also open our facebook page or youtube channel below to watch it.