Wednesday, 14 October 2015 13:12

Book: Dutch tugs and pushers 2016

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Like every year the Dutch publishing company "De Alk" comes with a new edition of the standard piece "Sleep en duwboten 2016" (title in English: Dutch Tugs and Pushing Boats 2016). The contents of the book have been collected by mr. W. Van Heck and mr. A.M. Van Zanten and have been actualized till September 1st, 2015. In this edition of SLEEP- en DUWBOTEN the interested reader will find an almost complete review of the Dutch tug- and pusher fleet. More than 2.700 tugs and pushers, professional and private, have been included in this book, in alphabetical sequence and together with their technical data. Also a number of working boats, supply vessels and patrol vessels have been mentioned, as far as they have been fitted out with towage capacity and equipment. In addition to the ship's data, also the addresses of shipyards, repair companies, engineering works, ancillary suppliers, ship brokers, societies, branche organizations, training institutions and agents have been mentioned. Also the Dutch Towage companies are stated with their ships. You will find a review of newbuildings, company news, fleet modernising, engines, ship's casualties and accidents, removed or discarded vessels, newly taken in service and broken up ships. The book contains more than 150 photographs in full colour. This book is a must for professionals and ship lovers. Unfortunately for foreigners, the book is only written in Dutch. "Sleep en duwboten 2016" (ISBN (978-90-6013-396-5) has 336 pages and has been edited as softback. The price is  25,00 euros. In The Netherlands the book is available in bookshops and on the internet. In Belgium the book is being distributed by publisher "Agora Uitgeverscentrum", Aalst/Erembodegem. Telephone +32(0), Fax +32(0),, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

binnenvaart 2016Also available is the book "Binnenvaart 2016" (Dutch barges and inland ships 2016).