Saturday, 16 April 2016 12:18

NOORDSTROOM commenced trials

The NOORDSTROOM near Maassluis| The NOORDSTROOM near Maassluis|

This week the Damen new built Shoalbuster 3512 NOORDSTROOM was seen during technical trails at Europoort. Always a special moment for builder and owner, what should be the results of the bollard pull tests. The vessel achieved an average BP of 56.0 tons and a max. BP of 57.3 tons. And a free sailing speed of 11.5 knots. This special custom built triple srew tug/workboat, with a lenght of 34,8 mtr, a beam of 12,0 mtr. and a depth of 4,3 mtr. will join the fleet of Van Wijngaarden Marine Service BV, based at HardinxveldG'dam in The Netherlands. The basic functions for the NOORDSTROOM are towing, mooring, pushing, anchor handling, supplying, surveying, ploughing and crew transfer. This manouevrable tug/workboat is powered with 3 Caterpillar C32-TTA SCAC main engines, which develope a total output of 2.910 kW (3.957 bHP), transmitted by 3 fixed pitch propellers in Optima Van der Giessen Nozzles and an electric driven FPP bow truster. Free deck area measuring 145m², enough for handling 7x 20ft. and 2x 10ft. containers. She has an accommodation for 11 persons (conform 'ILO 2006 rules'). All cabins, galley, messroom, office and wheelhouse are heated and air conditioned. The NOORDSTROOM is classed Bureau Veritas: I # HULL • Mach, Tug Unrestricted navigation • AUTUMS, with Notions for Anchor Handling and Clean Ship.


( Source & Photo : Van W ijngaarden Marine Services / P. van Herwijnen, taken courtesy of Tugs Towing and Offshore Newsletter)


4 months earlier the following article was published (december 2015):
The hull of the Damen Shoalbuster type 3512 tug NOORDSTROOM with yard number 571732 towed by the tug IKAR has arrived the morning of 14th December 2015 on the new Waterway for her final outfitting. The hull comes from the Damen Polish yard. Its journey from Gdansk started on the 20th November. Weather conditions delayed the arrival of the new building for Van Wijngaarden Marine Services. After her delivery in Dordrecht, Netherlands, the new building tug will be further towed to the Damen Hardinxveld Shipyard for her final outfitting. The delivery date for the NOORDSTROOM is scheduled for the end of March, 2016. This new Shoalbuster type 3512 will be available for deployment wherever it is required. A bollard pull of 55 tonnes yet a draft of less than three metres will make her suitable for heavy towage in shallow waters, as will its ability to carry up to seven (7x 20 ft.) standard containers. NOORDSTROOM's Classification by Bureau Veritas: I # HULL • Mach, Tug Unrestricted navigation • AUT-UMS and notations: Anchor Handling & Clean Ship; Neth. Shipping Inspectorate: Unrestricted navigation; IMO: Inventory of Hazardous Materials (GREEN Passport).


In March 2016 the following message was published:
The Shoalbuster 3512 NOORDSTROOM was launched at Gorinchem and moved to Damen Hardinxveld for further fitting out and to get ready for delivery end of April. The NOORDSTROOM ", length 35.00 meters and a width of 12.0 meters, brings a range of benefits: - Bollard Pull of approx. 55 tons at 2.90 meters draft - Extensive working deck of 145 m² - Accommodation up to 11 personnel - Office room for the client, incl. V-Sat connection - Fuel efficient due to three main engines - Sustainable techniques on board, resulting in: "Clean Ship Notation" from Bureau Veritas - "Anchor Handling Notation" from Bureau Veritas The new 3512 will be available for deployment wherever it is required. A Bollard pull of 55 tonnes with a draft of 2.90 meters will make it invaluable for heavy towage in shallow waters, a HS Marine deck crane with a lifting capacity of 11.3 ton @16.5 metres. An ability to carry up to seven (7x 20 ft.) and two (2x 10 ft) standard containers, facilitate diving, survey, renewables and dredging operations.With a fuel bunkering capacity of 255.0 m³ and 43.0 m³ freshwater capacity and waterfallanchor handling / towing winch which hold a wire of 600 and 1000 meters, will the " NOORDSTROOM " also appropriate for long distance towageAs optional the "NOORDSTROOM" can fitted with the following equipment: - A-Frame (50 tons SWL) - Ploughing equipment - 4 points mooring system - Water injection dredging system - Diving ops. platform - ROV platform