Friday, 04 August 2017 00:30

Two new models for the Dutch National Towage Museum

Last week the National Dutch Towage Museum could add two new very fine models to her collection. First a model of the harbour tug Jan Goedkoop Jr. and second the Ocean Going Salvage tug Barentsz Zee. The builder Jan Rison, a retired operator, spent more than 500 working hours on each model. Jan Rison said: “I found the Barentsz Zee ten years ago at an antiquary at the Spiegelgracht in Amsterdam when I did some restore work on old ship for him. The model was found in a garbage container and I ask the antiquary why the model was dumped into the container. He told me that this model could be restored but that it is up to you. I took the model home and start with the restoration. The model was made of sink plates on a brass keel with brass frames bended from brass T-profile and all soldered. The bow was complete destroyed which I have complete restored it with polyester. The superstructure was made from red copper which I complete renewed with polystyrene plate as the model has to be sailed again. The cap on the stake is still from red copper. My building time for this model was 500 hours. Personally I think the builder of the model spent more than 2000 hours” The tug Jan Goedkoop Jr. is made from wood with frames. On this Jan spent another 500 hours for this model. The Dutch National Towage Museum is grateful that Jan has ceded the models to the Museum. Visit the Dutch National Towage Museum and watch the fine models with all her details. Hoogstraat 1-3 - 3142 EA Maassluis (Photo’s; Hans de Klerk)