Wednesday, 05 June 2019 11:36

New book: "Towage in Rapids"

sleepvaart in stroomversnelling 

Towage in Rapids’ or ‘Sleepvaart in Stroomversnelling’ in Dutch, is the newest book by volunteer and former board member of the National Towage Museum, Nico Ouwehand. This new volume reviews and updates the histories of 40 years exchange exhibitions and contains many exclusive photographs from the Museum’s large own collection and many other contributors. The book can therefore be seen as an anthology of all aspects of ‘Dutch Glory’, as the industry is proudly called by Dutch enthusiasts, and of the many companies that made the Dutch Towage industry world famous over some 175 years.

The book can be purchased locally from June 8th, during the ‘Day of Ocean Towage’ in Maassluis. The book can be obtained in the National Dutch Towage Museum, and also be ordered through the Website of the Museum:
Please take in consideration that additional shipment cost is due, in case of delivery outside the museum.

Author: N.J. Ouwehand

Published: 2019

Publisher: Lanasta

Language: Dutch

Full colour

To be delivered from: June 8th 2019


ISBN: 978-90-8616-268-0

EAN: 9789086162680

344 pages

Many photographs and illustrations

Weight: ca. 2 kg

Price: € 25,00 (postage and delivery cost not included)

Please take in consideration shipment cost, in case of delivery outside the museum

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