Thursday, 06 June 2019 10:03

June 8th 2019 in Maassluis: The Day of the Deep Sea Towage celebrates 250 jubilee years!

Dag van de Zeesleepvaart Maassluis MedRes 018dag van de zeesleepvaart11

"The Day of the Deep Sea Towage" in Maassluis this year 2019 took place on Saturday June 8th and memorized in total 250 years of jubilees. The Seagoing Tug Hudson exists 80 years, the ex pilot ship Rigel of the Maassluis Sea Scouts  70 years, the Deep Sea tug Elbe 60 years and - last but not least - the National Dutch Towage Museum 40 years.

In the outer harbour the historical ships of the "Tugboat Harbour Maassluis Foundation" could be admired closely on this day. But also our good neighbour, the former pilot ship Rigel, and a number of guest ships from other locations were present. Some of these ships organized tours in the Harbour and on the river for visitors.
Information about these tours and programmes could be obtained from the website​ and on social media. Tickets were sold from april till this day. 
20170520 Dag van de Zeesleepvaart Maassluis MedRes 002 2However, because of the stormy weather the nautical market and the shanty choir performances on the quays were cancelled.

From ca. 17.00 h the traditional line-up of ships was formed on the river Nieuwe Waterweg. All kinds of tugs could be seen, old ones, modern ones, small ones and very big ones. Because of the weather a number of smaller tugs, and the Bruinvis and Furie dit not leave the harbour. One could take part and buy a ticket on the famous tugboat Holland. The tugboat departed at 16.00 h sharp. It was a beautiful sight to see those ships passing the harbour heads of Maassluis. 

If you are interested in this day, please read the websites​, Facebook (​​) en Twitter (​​).maassluis dag van de zeesleepvaart vlootschouw