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Newsletter National Dutch Towing Museum, September 2017

The latest newsletter of the National Towage Museum dated September 2017 is published!

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Note: the newsletter is published in the Dutch language only. If you are especially interested in a particular item, please contact us and we will inform you more thoroughly.

In short the main contents of this newsletter are:

We had to wait a long time for this newsletter to be published, but in the end we succeeded to bring it out.

The museum and its team were dominantly present at the Harbour Days in Rotterdam. Our stand had a lot of visitors. This had a positive effect on our financial position. The chairman thanks all of the volunteers, who offered their weekend to make our presence possible. I thank you all who made this possible.

Within a few weeks another festival is waiting, the yearly "Furieade" in our town Maassluis on October 6 and 7, when the Museum offers free admittance to its visitors. We will be present on this festival with a number of stands, where the shiplover can select and buy interesting objects. You are welcome!

In this newsletter you can find many interesting items, such as a story about the naming, defining and calculating in the old days of the engine power and bollard pull of tug boats.

The National Dutch Towage Museum forms part of the Foundation Tug Harbour Maassluis (Stichting Sleepboothaven Maassluis (SSM). This year the SSM will be present with a promotion stand at the 2-yearly Europort exhibition in the Ahoy premises in Rotterdam from November 7th till 10th. Our "territory" there is small but attractive, and is situated on a very prominent location in the central lobby. Our stand number is P102. We would be very pleased if you come and visit us there, in case you intend to attend this exhibition.

Further, ther Newsletter contains the following chapters: 
• The homecoming in Maassluis of the coastal tugboat "Steenbank” (built in 1960); • A new tugboat model in the museum, the "Nestor" of Wijsmuller (built in 1959); • The progress of our Visitors Information System (BIS): Till June 2017 it contains 530 ships with 1952 names; • A new promotion video of the Museum; • The definition of the notion "Bollard Pull".

I expect you to read this newsletter with pleasure, and in reading you will become curious to see all of the above live. So, we hope you will not forget our museum, when you plan to visit The Netherlands.

Karel Kaffa, chairman

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Nieuwsbrief september 2017