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Newsletter National Dutch Towing Museum, June 2018

In this newsletter you find information about the following subjects:

The preface of this newsletter has been written for the first time by the new chairman of the National Dutch Towage Museum, mr. Kees van Essen, who is the successor of mr. Karel Kaffa. In this document he introduces himself in more detail.

At the same time, we welcome our new financial manager, mr. Martin Boekestijn. He also shows an insight in his credentials.

Apart from these two gentlemen, the Museum is happy to announce that another two persons volunteered for our institute, Paul Firet and Aart van Eijsden.

In this edition of the newsletter we memorize mr. Teunis van der Maarel, who regrettably abruptly deceased this month. He was considered as the operational manager of the Museum, who did an excellent oversight and coordination job. He also acted as an undaunted and thrustworthy compass for the Museum and its volunteers, and on which one could always rely and who nearly always was present in the Museum.

We are pleased to announce that after the completion of the Zeezaal (Deep Sea towage Hall) we now also have at our disposal a totally reconstructed Rijn- en Binnenvaartzaal (River and Inland towage Hall) and Havenzaal (Harbour Towage Hall).

The museum received new equipment of good quality for digitalizing old pictures and videos for our two cinema systems.

In this period the Museum again added a number of new ship models to its collection.

Furthermore the experts of the Museum on request of relatives now alive, a number of times were able to recover the vicissitudes of crew members of tug boats in the past. Read the fascinating story about the escape of mr. Middendorp, that we recovered on request of his daughter by intensively consulting and exploring our archives and other sources.

On June 2nd the new exhibition "Van bouwsteen tot sleepbootmodel" (from building block to tug model) went live. It is unimaginable how much keenness it takes to build true and detailed tug models using LEGO and other building block systems. The in connection with this exhibition organized building contest was very successful. Especially children and young adults were very interested.

And last but not least, for those who are interested we mention that the annual report 2017 can be downloaded via the link in the newsletter. You find a very detailed reproduction of the activities regarding the Museum in this period.

Kees van Essen, chairman

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