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Tugboat USA

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How to make a tugboat cake for a kid's (beach) party. \r\nTonight I want to show you another birthday cake idea that I also mentioned in the beach party post, namely that of a tugboat.\r\nOnce again I found this idea/image and instructions in what must be one of my favourite children's birthday cake books. Although this cake is made from the traditional baked cake, or for that matter, two cakes, you can easily turn it into an ice cream cake by following the instructions in the ice cream ship cake post.\r\nBefore I tell you how to make this cute tugboat,…
Thursday, 07 April 2016 16:37

Book: The Christmas Tugboat

The Christmas Tugboat: How the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Came to New York City (Hardcover – October 30, 2012).\r\nby George Matteson (Author), Adele Ursone (Author), James E. Ransome (Illustrator). \r\nNothing says Christmas like a Christmas tree, and the Rockefeller Center tree in New York City has said it beautifully since 1931. But how does the tree get there? One year, the tugboat captain (and author) George Matteson, his wife, and their daughter traveled by tug to fetch the giant tree. This dramatic picture book tells the story of their real-life journey up the Hudson River, and James Ransome's striking paintings…
T Is for Tugboat: Navigating the Seas from A to Z (Hardcover – April 16, 2008).\r\nby Traci N. Todd (Author), Sara Gillingham (Author). \r\nAhoy! Drop anchor for T Is for Tugboat, the nautical follow-up to the alphabet book A Is for Astronaut and its companion C Is for Caboose. Clever photographs and illustrations teach youngreaders about everything from mizzenmasts to crackerjack suits. Land ho!\r\n 
Thursday, 07 April 2016 16:27

Book: Little Tug

Little Tug \r\nby Stephen Savage.\r\nFrom the author of the "New York Times" Best Illustrated Book "Polar Bear Night." Little Tug may not be very tall or very fast, but when the big ships in the harbor need help, they know they can count on him to be there with a push, a pull, and a ride to safety. But what happens when Little Tug gets tired? In full color.
Thursday, 07 April 2016 16:21

Book: The tugboat team

Read aloud video
Thursday, 07 April 2016 16:16

Book: Tommy The Tugboat

Tommy The Tugboat (Kindle Edition)\r\nby Grant Gamble (Author). \r\nTommy the Tugboat works on the river pushing barges and freighters and great ocean liners. One day he receives a distress call to help a big ship that is stuck at the mouth of the river. Tommy's great strengths of character and perseverance prevail in the end where other gave up.\r\nTommy the Tugboat is the first of a series of children's books designed to display positive human.
Thursday, 07 April 2016 16:09

Book: Tugga-Tugga Tugboat

Tugga-Tugga Tugboat\r\nby Kevin Lewis, Daniel Kirk (Illustrator). \r\nPopular collaborators Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk have teamed up again to create the perfect read-aloud for bath time or any time. The book brings to life tugboats, tankers, cargo, and more, with a lyrical, repetitive refrain and bold, colorful art. "Toot! Toot!"
Thursday, 07 April 2016 16:02

Visit Halifax: a live size Theodore Tugboat

Halifax with Kids\r\nHalifax has a lot to offer children (and those who are kids-at-heart), such as the Discovery Centre, Clay Cafe, museums, parks and Theodore Tugboat.\r\nRide Theodore Tugboat\r\nTake the little ones on a ride in the "Big Harbour" aboard the popular children's television show character, Theodore Tugboat. The famous little tug provides an hour long informative and entertaining tour of the Halifax Harbour. Theodore brings the elements of a busy working harbour to life, with help from Lilly the Lighthouse, Benjamin the Bridge, and the Harbour Master. Tour prices are $19.99 for adults and $14.99 for children.\r\nMain Photo: Paul Jerry
Thursday, 07 April 2016 15:54

Poem: Tugboat

TUGBOAT\r\nThis children's poem is part of a series I'm writing. Transportation poems just for children.\r\nI'm a tug boat, small and stout,watch me push those big ships out;bump and tug for all I'm worth,guide them safely to their berth.\r\nEarly morning, hear me roar,keep that tanker out from shore;nudge the liner into place,see my Captain's smiling face.\r\nCargo ship needs help from me,fighting wind and angry sea;keep it centered, round the side,push him out with change of tide.\r\nTireless tugboat, work all day,making sure the ships don't stray;push to left and tug to right,shut my engines down at night.\r\nWave goodbye to all the crew,heading…
Thursday, 07 April 2016 15:42

Book: Little Toot

In 1939, Hardie Gramatky saw a small tugboat on New York's East River that didn't work. The scene gave Gramatky ideas for watercolors and his classic children's book.\r\nIn 1939, Hardie Gramatky saw a little tugboat in New York's East River that was struggling to move.\r\nThe tugboat proved an inspiration for Gramatky, an artist who was also an illustrator for Walt Disney Studios in the late 1920s. Gramatky painted several watercolors of the tugboat and gradually wrote Little Toot, now a children's classic.\r\nIn honor of what would have been Gramatky's 100th birthday, Penguin Putnam is reissuing a restored version of Little…
Thursday, 07 April 2016 15:35

Toy: Kid O Tugboat

Product Description:\r\nFor the young, intrepid sailor comes the Kid O Tug Boat, a powerful ship ready to take on the toughest tub time tasks. This substantial 8 inch boat is the perfect size for small hands and a big tub. It even comes with a detachable buoy for added water-borne adventure. This unsinkable tug is sonic welded to be completely sealed so it floats perfectly upright. No water gets in so there's never any mold, mildew or mess. Made from the highest quality ABS, the pleasing contemporary design has a rounded feel and no sharp edges. Through bath time play…
Theodore Tugboat is a Canadian children's television series about a tugboat named Theodore who lives in the Big Harbour with all of his friends. The show originated (and is set) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada as a co-production between the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and the now defunct Cochran Entertainment, and was filmed on a model set using radio controlled tugboats, ships, and machinery. Production of the show ended in 2001, and its distribution rights were later sold to Classic Media (now DreamWorks Classics). The show premiered in Canada on CBC Television, then went to PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), was…
Thursday, 07 April 2016 12:36

Video: What is a Tugboat?

This is a very educational video about towing and tugboats for children. In an attractive way it is explained what a tugboat is and how it works.   
Thursday, 07 April 2016 12:23

Video: Constructing a Tugboat for children

"Boats and ships for children. Construction game: tugboat." In this educational cartoon we are building a tugboat from a virtual construction set. Children will learn the names of the main parts of this ship (such as: hull, bridge, life buyos, capstan, and other) and will learn how the tugboat turn and why a tugboat needs an engine telegraph.\r\n \r\n 
Thursday, 07 April 2016 12:15

Book: Scuffy the Tugboat

Scuffy the Tugboat (Little Golden Book)\r\nby Gertrude Crampton.\r\nMeant for "bigger things," Scuffy the Tugboat sets off to explore the world. But on his daring adventure Scuffy realizes that home is where he'd rather be, sailing in his bathtub. For over 50 years, parents and children have cherished this classic Little Golden Book.
Thursday, 07 April 2016 12:04

Book: Hercules, the Harbor Tug

Hercules the Harbor Tug, by Michael O'Hearn\r\nNoah and Tanika spend a day aboard the tugboat Hercules learning about the boats and animals in the harbor. Imagine a busy harbor with many different kinds of ships and boats. The most important boat in the harbor is the tugboat. What exactly does it do? Noah and Tanika find out first hand when they spend an exciting day on a tugboat called Hercules.\r\nO'Hearn, a nautical photo-journalist and writer, makes his children's book debut with this lively look at the goings-on in a bustling port. Readers accompany two children, Tanika and Noah, aboard the…
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 19:11

Toy: LEGO tugboat

Set Details:\r\nSet number: 4005Name: Tug BoatSet type: NormalTheme group: Modern dayTheme: BoatsYear released: 1982Tags: Floats On WaterShip Pieces: 66Minifigs: 1RRP: $10.00 (?)Price per piece:15.2cPackaging: BoxAvailability: Retail
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 18:52

Toy: Green Toys tugboat

Product Description\r\nEmbark on a cruise across the bathtub. Navigate the wading pool. Even splash around in the occasional mud puddle. There's no end to the Good Green Fun young sailors can have with the Green Toys Tugboat. This colorful craft floats great, and has a wide spout to scoop and pour water. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, our trusty Tugboat is both good for the earth, and - most importantly - safe for the busy little folks who play there.\r\nManufactured in the USA Made from 100% recycled…